I would like to boast that we are so loved by our clients and candidates, it is impossible to convey their sentiments clearly onto our website.  The truth is, we’re just not very good at writing.  (Can I excuse myself for not being a native English speaker here?)….but mostly, we don’t want to sound like every other consulting company with promises of internal quality checking process, years of experience dating back to the middle age, yadda, yadda, yadda.


We have engaged content managers, marketing specialists, web developers, spouses, families, friends as well as foes (we don’t really have any, I don’t think!!), to help us improve our website with little success.  Honestly, no one truly understands how we do what we do.  And to be able to translate in a cool looking website! 


We are a full-service IT consulting company providing consultants, full-time hires, as well as specific technology related projects (cloud, security, M&A integration, etc.).  How to differentiate us from our competitors?  Let me count the ways……..NOT.  I cannot tell you of a brilliant method, an earth shattering process, utilization of big data (catchall term nowadays), no catchy motto, not a flashy logo: NADA.  We just simply recruit and do what we promise clients and candidates that we would do.  We, however, never forget that we work with PEOPLE.  PEOPLE first, technology second.  Nothing sexy here.  A secret: we are deathly scared of disappointing clients and candidates.  You can say we’re people pleasers.  So….how do you create an exciting website on this premise?


Those of you who know us, we’re a niche/boutique/specialty (please insert any and all flattering descriptive terms here) firm focusing on highly talented IT professionals in the St. Louis region since 2001.  My sincere apology for the last bit for its being the epitome of unimaginative but that’s what we do; we recruit! 


So please forgive us for having had the worst website EVER for so long.  Instead, you now see an eyesore of a construction site.  We’re working on it.  Nooooo, we do not have a go-live date.  Hopefully, before I retire!!




Yoanna Park-Haynes






P.S. Any brave soul willing to help is most welcome.  Please contact us!!!